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Caring and compassionate, Cady is always there when you need a helping hand -- but as the most sensitive and emotional yoonie, sometimes she is too quick to react!

  • Plush
  • 14 inch height x 9.5 inch width
  • Made of the highest quality super-soft minky material
  • Surface Washable

Designer: Yoonies

The very first Yoonie, our friend "Buddy", came to life when a family friend’s toddler was ill and was frequently in & out of the hospital. We wanted to do something that would bring him comfort and show him that people cared about him and were pulling for him. We created the first Yoonie and delivered it to him -- and he hasn’t let go of it since!
Seeing the joy that this one toy brought to a child, we began to think of the toys that we loved the most while growing up, as well as the favorite toys of our own children. And we began to wonder: How many children in the world are growing up without one? How many adults in the world won’t have the warm memory of a favorite toy? This is when we came up with the mission of our company: To see a toy in the hand of every child!

Made In: China

Shipped From: United States

Lead Time: 1 - 2 Days

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