About Us

5and15 started with a husband and wife team that believed that there should be something better. After shopping one day at a big box store they realized that they didn't enjoy the process, and missed that feeling of community and friendliness found in the smaller local stores they loved to frequent...but they loved saving money too. What is a person to do? We all love saving money...but why should we have to sacrifice so much to do so? 

This is the journey that led to the birth of 5and15. We at 5and15 believe:

  1. A consumer should not have to sacrifice customer service for a good deal.
  2. Everyone should be treated like a VIP!
  3. That we are a global community. No matter the country you are born in or live in now we are all one big family. The team at 5and15 will treat you with the same care as we would treat our own loved ones!
  4. When you do business with us you belong! We want everyone to feel comfortable here, just like you do in your favorite brick and mortar shop. We will never discriminate.
  5. You deserve an honest and safe transaction, as well as to be happy with what you receive. Your satisfaction is taken very seriously!

With these things in mind we began. We searched far and wide to find items that were exciting, not always cookie cutter. Being unique wasn't enough though. The items we carry have to be of high quality and a great deal for our customers too! We have created awesome relationships with our manufacturers and artists in order to find the best items for you.







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