Sugar Skull Glasses

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♦ Fantastic Sugar Skulls.
 Black Sugar Skull glasses, perfect for everything you could put in them! These everyday glasses are functional works of art to enjoy with friends. 

:: Glasses are 8" tall and hold 16oz
:: Look fabulous with all beverages
:: Dishwasher safe and very durable
:: Silkscreen printed in the USA
:: A signature Mary Elizabeth Arts design
:: Glasses ship via Priority mail

COPYRIGHT © Mary Elizabeth Arts, LLC


 About Mary Elizabeth Arts:

Welcome to my world of functional art. Since 2007 Mary Elizabeth Arts has been offering artist designed glassware and other tabletop items. I create functional art to enjoy year round including hand-painted glassware, platters, mugs and more. Silkscreened glasses (made entirely in the USA) are also available for wholesale and retail. My studio is on our small family farm in Chapel Hill, NC where we keep chickens, turkeys, a small orchard and vegetable garden. I'm surrounded by trees, flowers, birds, fish, mushrooms, leaves and stunning North Carolina skies that keep my creativity flowing. I'm prolific and work very hard. Painting is how I express my joy for life. My capable husband keeps me laughing and spoils me with his cooking and my baby boy and girl keep me in awe of what life continually offers. ♦ Glassware is my livelyhood, but I also enjoy using my fine arts background to create oil and watercolor paintings which I will occasionally sell. I also paint furniture, faux stained glass and textiles. I've been a painter my whole life with trees being the focus of my art. In art therapy, trees represent the self. I think many people identify and connect with trees because they have individual personalities, and they are living things that offer so much life. Every tree I paint is a mini self-portrait expressing my love for life. I have a minor in biology and my awe for nature shows in my work. Birds, leaves, frogs--I find all of it beautiful and love painting the colorful hues natures has to show. My work is meant to make you happy, and I hope it does. Cheers to art in the everyday! ♦ I have volunteered my talents teaching glass and ceramic painting to artists in Haiti, as theraputic outlets for cancer patients and their families and I offer free how-to tutorials on my blog and Facebook page. I enjoy sharing what I know with others. Life is better when you share what you have.

Made In: United States

Shipped From: United States

Lead Time: 3 - 4 Days

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